Alma Mater

How many altars does this school have?
On the continuing subject of Old School Papers, that's my high school anthem up there. As far as I am concerned, a school's Fight Song, Alma Mater, anthem, official cheer, et al. are really all the same set of Mad Libs. The Downingtown High School Alumni Association claims to be the "Oldest Continuously Meeting Public High School Alumni Association" in the US, so this song may originate with them and their older times. 

I don't really have any special attachment to this high school in particular. It's not a bad institution by any means and is scholastically superior to many in the surrounding area (a claim I'm not going to bother proving). Most of my fond memories are just about the people and events during high school rather than as part of the good ol' laudable High School Noble Deeds Experience. I am occasionally curious about what it would be like to own a pair of rose-tinted specs. Perhaps they would allow me to use the word "specs" un-ironically.