Mold is vegan for some reason

It was nice to get into the flow of things today. The lab is finally looking a bit more like normal after getting flooded last week (the building is flimsy and the equipment on the roof can't handle much Winter, but at least the maintenance folks can get things under control eventually). Some of our equipment is still a little, um, musty. Hopefully that will resolve itself lest my fume hood convert itself into a mold incubator. One of the air duct vent motors also seems to have shorted out as well so I'm sure there will be something else to complain about once the warmer months arrive.

Anyway, flow. I finally got R to make me a nice heatmap today, complete with neat annotation sidebars. If you're interested (and I know you may not be, but I am, and this kind of thing is seriously more difficult than it needs to be so I intend to remember it), the smoothest implementation is a combination of heatplus.2 and the vegan package. Vegan has all kinds of useful tools in it for clustering and such. Most importantly, it's useful for dealing with dendrograms, which are kind of essential to understanding data if they're all being hierarchically clustered. Messing around with the order of leaves in dendrograms can be time consuming; vegan has tools to get that taken care of in no time. It's pretty meaty.

I've also been enjoying listening to the tasty synths of Steve Hauschildt, as below: