Diners, drive-Ins, and drift

A Guy and his favorite condiment.

I recently wrote a silly little Python script which would randomly generate names of the kinds of meals one would only see in Guy Fieri's vivid, flame-scorched culinary imaginationscape. I'm not mocking the guy per se. He's clearly working with a winning formula even if it does take the lowest-common-denominator and divide it by zero. That is to say, the results fit expected parameters but aren't terribly rational.

But yes, the script. Here's some sample output:
Then we can start with the
Guy-talian Slammin' Bad Boy
Southern Honey Dijon Dumplings
Green Pepper Sashimi Kabobs
Pesto Baltimore Veggie Roast
Southern Johnny Garlic's Bourguignon
Bourbon Pesto Shrimp
and the
Lime Pepperoni Mashed Potatoes
then we can finish up with the
Queso Smothered Tostado Po'Boy

All the starting adjectives and nouns (that's where the meat is, this isn't any fancy code) are from the menu at Guy's own recipes, his restaurant, Applebee's, Hooters, or a competitor of these. They generally sound palatable with the possible exception of those mashed potatoes up there. That's not really the fun part, though. The fun part is that I wrote this for Python 3 though it still runs in Python 2. The output gets a bit garbled:
Then we can start with the
 Bakea  Sriracha
 Baked Potatoin'
 Kabobs Crazy
 Rings Pepperlo
and the
then we can finish up with the

What we end up with is the logical extension of maximally-flavored American comfort-food: Guy's Impressionist Cuisine.