I don't normally feel unnerved about the omnipresent social-networking morass persistently enveloping the modern internet. It's clearly a social phenomenon and an admittedly interesting one at that. Even so, I can't help but feel a tad creeped out when. say, I edit a company's new Wikipedia page and said company's founder looks up my Linkedin profile a few hours later. He doesn't even leave any snide comments or anything, he just looks at it, a feature seemingly unique to that particular network. It's not easy to find my LI profile from my WP one without some Internet Detective work so it really just comes down to a big "why?".

Why do I care who feels like being strange on, god forbid, the internet?
Why do they go and do it anyway?

(Of course, the Wikipedia Internet Detective also felt like looking up one of my email addresses and sending me a passive-aggressive nastygram. Maybe a better question is "why do people get offended so quickly on the internet?")