Messages in the ether

Just finished up two things yesterday: Greg Bear's Hull Zero Three and my Twitter account. The former took much less time; it's a quick read in a genre of science fiction known for its long-winded exposition and overwhelmingly massive scales. The novel benefits from a brisk pace despite leaving its plot obscured until the last quarter.* The Twitter account, however, was hampered by the network's breakneck pace. I never really felt compelled to post anything but the most sarcastic thought morsels there, at least partially because those were the kinds of tweets I actually found funny. The rest was largely dispensable.

Twitter just doesn't seem like an efficient way to convey any kind of idea except for the most urgent or expendable ones.

*I give it 3 out of 4 possible Oort clouds. I'm not going to explain the plot or setting or even note when it was written. I just didn't find it that notable.