Music for today - like many on Youtube, this guy does very high-quality song covers. The difference here is that he covers electronic-heavy songs that would be impossible for anyone to cover without a finely-trained ear, perfect timing, and just the right batch of equipment. I usually prefer covers to move in entirely new directions (the lady and I have been musing about what a female-fronted cover of December, 1963 would sound like*) but these are impressive on a more technical level.  Here are a couple.

A cover of Lovely Bloodflow by Baths. That whole album is wonderful.

A cover of Windowlicker by Aphex Twin. He doesn't quite capture as much of the original's classically weird atmosphere but that may be impossible.

A cover of Lost and Found by Amon Tobin. This is the live version, for reference.

Courtesy of this Metafilter post.

*A good cover. There are some on Youtube but this is the best one I could find, if that tells you anything.