Distant roses and yoga poses

Today I read about Sarcopoterium spinosum, a species of flowering plant common to the Mediterranean and Middle East. It's not an especially interesting plant - at least not to me. I'm not entirely certain why I focused on it. Perhaps it was the idea that this plant is quite common in some areas yet poorly studies. Some folks seem to think it's a potential source for an antidiabetic agent (but that's in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology; I neither have access to this journal nor can read the linked abstract without raising an eyebrow to the point of strain).

Unrelated: I'm been trying to take moments to be present lately, i.e. stopping to breathe and focus. I'm skeptical of most things which would look ideal on pamphlets for yoga classes but hey, meditating is really nice and much-maligned. Most notably, it pays to notice what's going on around you or perhaps even because of you. It's nice to notice when you're happy, too. Somehow that often appears to be treated as a separate idea (noticing you're happy, that is).

Dang, that guy is quotable.