In lieu of a real blog post, I'm going to post some terrible selections from 3500 Good Jokes for Speakers by Gerald F. Lieberman (or is it Robert Lieberman, as some sites list it? They may or may not be the same person).  It's only come to mind lately as I'm compiling one of those memetic Facebook book-lists.

I own a paperback copy of this book. As far as joke books go, it's a genuine relic, stuffed with the material I'm guessing was stale by at least a decade or two when the book was published in 1975. With that said, the collection consistently creates a cultural atmosphere, like a museum diorama of a circa-1961 lounge where men in carefully-considered suits smoke cigars and avoid pain.

Some selections:

  • I'm a stooge to no one man. I free-lance. 
  • The room they gave me was so small every time I bent over I rearranged the furniture.
  • You can tell the age of a horse by the teeth. But who wants to bite a horse?
OK, that last one isn't too bad.