Continuing the music adventure from yesterday, today's genre is Crossover Jazz.
Spotify doesn't use this genre annotation for any specific artist but Wikipedia tells me the term could apply to everyone from Al Jarreau to Spyro Gyra. In some ways, it's an early or more moderate form of Smooth Jazz (as in Kenny G, though he's a crossover jazz musician as well).

I'm going to start off with Gerald Albright and Chuck Loeb, then go from there.

How is it making me feel?
Most of the time I feel like I'm on the Weather Channel during a calm day. Even when it's improvisational, this music tends to feel restrained and commercial, like it's trying to avoid being obtrusive. This effect leaves me feeling restless.

What was memorable?
Gerald Albright - Slam Dunk was one of the few tracks I've heard so far today which sounded like the Wikipedia genre description.