Something about birds

Despite my better judgement, I (re)joined Twitter earlier this week. I'm @harry_caufield. There's still a bit of residual regret about not choosing a short, punchy pseudonym but name availability is limited. It's a bit like trying to find a decent AIM handle after, say, 2005.

My mission this time is to use Twitter for a general information delivery system with a focus on Biology As It Is Done. It's easier than keeping up with every post from a collection of science bloggers and blogger scientists, plus they're all free to be glib and sarcastic. Previously, I only used Twitter as a way to direct dumb messages at morning TV anchors and to read what the media insists on calling Weird Twitter with the same tone they use to brand Hipsters or maybe Foodies.*

The social network itself is rather silly and seems best suited to delivering comedy. I still don't think it's an efficient way to stay informed and in some cases may serve as yet another echo chamber of misinformation. That being said, it's active, it's free, and I'm curious.

Besides, PLOS keeps telling me that all the cool scientists are doing it.


*That is, not the same tone they use for terms like Insurgents or Bronies or Refugees, but maybe similar in some ways.