Spoiled for choice

If you're one of the handful of people who have read this blog in the past year or so, you may recall my attempts to listen to randomly-chosen genres on Spotify. Attempt probably isn't the correct word, of course: it's difficult to fail at listening to music. The script I was using to choose target media wasn't really cutting it, though. I needed more genres! I needed pre-defined playlists! More than anything else, I needed more experience with setting up simple GUIs.

I ended up with an exceedingly basic, TKinter-based interface for generating Spotify playlists within Echo Nest genres. Echo Nest is part of Spotify now, so their annotations are fairly comprehensive on Spotify tracks and artists. Spotify also discontinued apps last year but external access doesn't require much effort.

It looks like this:

Is there any other kind of post-rock?

Is there any other kind of post-rock?

The next step will be moving over to a fancier GUI framework. Pyjs, maybe. 

The program is beside the point, though. What is it telling me to listen to? Ignoring the test suggestion of Atmospheric Post-Rock, it told me to listen to:


I'm going to start with The Seldom Scene and go from there.


A related project on everynoise.com: the Spotify New Release Sorting Hat.