Three strange but colorful things to see

Without more detail than necessary, here are three things I saw in the last few days.

1. Subway Adventure

It's a game by Stephen Lavelle, AKA increpare games. It's classically surreal. Avoid it if you don't enjoy transit systems, open spaces, or falling into the silent void.

Yes, that's a crab. It's a fellow passenger.

Yes, that's a crab. It's a fellow passenger.

2. The Japanese Tattoo exhibition at the VMFA.

That's the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. According to a Today Show piece which may not exist anymore, Richmond, VA is the 3rd most tattooed city in the US, or at least it has more tattoo shops per capita than most US cities. That means we see an impressive variety of skin-based art around here but it's rarely as intricate as the Japanese and Japanese-derived pieces in this exhibition. The presentation is noticeably minimal and focuses on the tattoo artists and their work but avoids the pitfall of dehumanizing their living canvases. It unfortunately also provides little historical context for most of the tattoo designs. That's unfortunate as many of them are based on rich stories and shouldn't just be summarized as "traditional".   

3. That new Google logo.

The jaunty 'e' is bothersome, if only because it's now so obvious.