Randomly generated "science"

I have a new Twitter bot - it's named Talk About Science. It randomly generates bits of technical language using keywords sourced from a variety of disciplines. I have it generate potential publication titles as well. It's fun, didn't take very long to make, and even comes up with a fun idea every so often, a bit like the Bored George Church account (though that one's not a bot, unless it's a very advanced AI).

Some recent examples:

  • Salmonella enterica requires heuristic pluripotency with vertical capacitance.
  • You fool! I found the multivariant lepidopteran.
  • OpenUFQRJ v2: a C library for cellular crRNA
  • The "galactic frenulum" (GF)
  • Hamlet's Reproduction.
  • biomimetic SaaS

At the very least, if you're writing some bad science fiction* and need a scientist to have some dialogue, follow this bot for some starter material. 

*See also - my go-to example of goofy science-speak.