Notes on notes

I like taking notes. Perhaps it's due to an unwillingness to forget anything potentially of value, perhaps it's for posterity (a personal archive, however informal, can make even small items and observations seem relevant and useful), or perhaps it's legitimately a good way to remember events as they happen.

I'm not here to justify why notes should be taken. I'm here to reflect on those I've already created. This will be a series of loosely-composed posts and will continue until I stop taking notes (or Google shuts Keep down, in a painful echo of good ol' Reader). I'm going to try to be as candid as possible. So let's get started:

  • August 1, 2013

OK, I can't promise any or all of these will make much sense. Here, imagine the usual Apple press conference: large screens, new features, gleaming products. The host of the event climbs on stage. He instructs the audience to consume the newly-announced Apple technology. The new phones have been carefully designed to fit neatly into the average American mouth.

Is the nucleus of a ham-handed satire or just something I found unnaturally amusing? It's safer to assume the latter.