Notes on notes 5

  • September 4, 2015

OK, so I'm not working in perfect chronological order here, but this is a particular piece of media I think about often. It's an episode of Johnathan Goldstein's long-running Wiretap podcast, and like most episodes, it's a bit of an audio collage. The episode is "This Magic Moment", originally aired December 2014. It's unfortunately not available online in its full form anywhere other than iTunes, as far as I can tell, but the part of this podcast which really sticks with me is a segment performed by multi-talented musician and many-other-creative-title-er Joseph Keckler; the piece ("How Did We Make You") starts as an unassuming recollection but briskly drops off a ledge into an unforeseen existential void. Luckily, that piece is here.

Jonathan Goldstein finished the second season of his podcast Heavyweight last year. Heavyweight maintains Wiretap's emphasis on placing people in emotionally awkward situations, especially through Goldstein's own experiences, with varying degrees of exaggeration. I think the first season's second episode, featuring Moby and regret, is a standout.

Joseph Keckler has a music project called Train With No Midnight, but if you want to hear any of it, you'll apparently need a copy of the 25th issue of the art magazine ESOPUS. He's on YouTube, too.