Wikipedia-based poetry for June 12, 2015, plus neural networks

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of the altar. the soundtrack album
isbn 0-8247-7487-6.
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interaction that
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the motion of an object. in


I'm thinking of upgrading the wikipedia-poetry script from a set of randomized Markov chains to a recurrent neural network. I'd prefer to see output that toes the line between interesting and coherent but the current approach leans too far toward the former. This blog post should be helpful - see the comments for a fun example using generated NSF grant abstracts.

Of course, the most obvious use of an RNN here would be to generate wikipedia entries. They could still be poetic if we cut and paste bits of them together at meaningful intervals. Perhaps the RNN could be taught to recognize the emotional value of certain words (i.e., the words die or money in the above example have some emotional impact, while jeff might offer comparatively little). 

Wikipedia-based poetry entry for April 21, 2015

Utva Aviation Industry

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far more nasty than the an. the term article is also
headquartered in belo
horizonte, minas gerais, the company for a
despite the inclusion of pornographic pictures
and stories, however, also called a fin
or facility
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smaller groups, where each group can initially
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highly exothermic reaction
taking place
thin zone.


I've made a few major changes to how this script works. It will go on Github one of these days or whenever I feel it's novel enough to share. The output will still always sound like a misprinted encyclopedia.