Many-legged codebeasts from the deep

I've been enjoying the existence of GitKraken lately. It's a graphical Git client with just enough features and visual details to be useful but not so many that it gets bogged down.* I'm not enough of a hardcore coder to enjoy using Git's GLI so a well-designed GUI is great to have. GitKraken is in open beta for now and doesn't cost anything to use. It's also cross-platform, in case you're constantly bouncing between operating systems.

There are also projects like GitView - that one hasn't been updated for almost a decade but is decidedly more barebones than GitKraken. Maybe you don't need something fancy. Maybe you don't need a Git GUI at all. Maybe you don't know what you need.

* I'm not sure the same can be said of their website. It's interesting but it doesn't really say "hey! let's get organized about this whole version management thing!"